Britain’s oldest known prostitute

Britain’s oldest known prostitute Sheila Vogel has blamed her granddaughter Katie Waissel for ruining her escort career.

The 82 year old was outed as a prostitute by The News Of The World in November last year and has since been cut off from her family. She was reportedly selling her services for £250 per hour from her sheltered accommodation in London and seedy occupation was only discovered because of her ties with Katie, who was at the time competing on ITV’s X Factor show.

Speaking on This Morning Sheila denied that she had ruined Katie’s chance of a successful career in the music industry, instead insisting that she has been more of a victim that her 24 year old granddaughter. When asked if she thought she had ‘disgraced’ the singer Vogel said:

‘No I don’t. I don’t, because this all started when Katie joined the X Factor.’

‘She went on, they went to the press…..’

Eamon Holmes tried to clarify her comments saying:

‘So rather than you affecting her and ruining her career, has she ruined your career?’

Sheila responded:

‘Yes absolutely. She has ruined my career. I’m afraid she has but I still wish her well and I love them all.

I love her. It breaks my heart to see my family to be split up like this. I just ask them not to be so judgemental to me.’

However even if her family do start speaking to her again, the sexy granny confessed that she won’t be giving up her nocturnal activities. She said:

‘That’s my private life and I don’t think my private life has anything to do with them.’

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